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Signet Support and Supplier Training

Signet provides training resources for suppliers, auditors and other stakeholders to understand the requirements of the SRSP and subsequent audits.

Resources in the SRSP Toolkit are organized by topic, title and description of the document, webinar, or other resource.

Signet Responsible Sourcing

2023 Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol (SRSP)

2023 SRSP Report Sample Questions

2023 SRSP Audit Guidance

Signetresponsiblesourcing.com - Guide for New Users

Signet Responsible Sourcing - Supplier Training

2023 Signet Responsible Sourcing Training Webinar (PowerPoint)

2023 Signet Responsible Sourcing Training Webinar (Recording)

Signet Corporate Compliance

Signet 2023 DDQ Report Sample Questions

Environmental and Social Impact

2023 Environmental &Social (E&S) Report Sample Questions

2023 Environmental and Social Glossary of Terms

Signet Russia Policy Compliance and Report

Halt to Signet Purchases of All Precious Metals and Diamonds Originating from Russia

Signet Russia Policy Compliance Report (RPC) Questions

Responsible Sourcing Additional Resources

Supply Chain Map Template

Glossary of Terms - Responsible Sourcing

Responsible Sourcing Checklist