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The Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol, now part of the Signet Promise, is an independently auditable program created for the industry by Signet Jewelers that has largely been adopted around the world as the most consumer-focused product assurance program. Today, it covers all the precious metals and stones we sell.

We promise that all our products are responsibly sourced, and we use our scale for good to advance human rights while helping preserve our planet. Our promise is designed to Inspire Love and instill trust. It is based on our industry leadership in responsible sourcing - and our four-layered consumer confidence approach holds our global suppliers and ourselves to high ethical standards.

For more than a decade, Signet has taken a leadership role in the development of harmonized industry guidance and standards for many years to ensure our jewelry is made with integrity and sourced from a supply chain that is held to a high standard. Signet is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the integrity of the global jewelry supply chain.

Two-Pronged Approach Two-Pronged Approach

Signet's Commitment to Responsible Sourcing is a Two-Pronged Approach...


Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) members and RJC certification reassures Signet of suppliers' responsible business practices.


Compliance with the Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol (SRSP) reassures Signet of the integrity of our supply chain and the products we sell.

Signet believes that a responsible, conflict-free supply chain is fundamental to the reputation of the jewelry industry as a whole, and we are committed to continue our efforts to advance responsible sourcing throughout the supply chain.