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SRSP Compliance Reporting


​​​​​​​​​​​The Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocol 2017 Compliance Report

The Signet Responsible Sourcing Protocols ("SRSPs") are aligned with industry (OECD, RJC, LBMA, etc.) guidance and standards and identify compliance criteria to ensure Signet's supply chain is conflict-free.

Signet has produced global guidance for all suppliers of gold, tin, tungsten and tantalum ("3TG").  The 3TG-SRSP is a required legal imperative.
Signet has also developed an SRSP for diamonds (D-SRSP), which is required compliance for all Signet diamond suppliers in 2017.

Similarly, the SRSP for Silver/Platinum Group Metals (PGMs) is being implemented in 2017. Suppliers are required to acknowledge this SRSP and work towards compliance in 2017 with required compliance in 2018.

The cornerstone of compliance with the SRSPs is a requirement that suppliers report to Signet annually that you are sourcing materials supplied to Signet responsibly and in conformance with the requirements of the SRSPs.

SRSP compliance criteria and requirements, include but are not limited to: 

Once you have achieved the requirements for compliance to the SRSPs, the warranty statement should be included on all invoices and delivery notes.

Please refer to the "Signet Documents" page for a list of all available reference materials, Gold, 3Ts Diamonds and Silver/Platinum Gold Metals (PGMs) SRSPs, User Guide, and Audit Guidance documents.  The "Signet Webinars" page contains recorded Compliance Reporting and Audit training webinars for your reference.