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Responsible Jewellery Council Project


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Signet's Commitment to the Responsible Jewellery Council

Signet is a proud founding and certified Member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), the leading jewelry industry standards and certification organization, with over 1000 members globally. Signet is active in RJC committees, such as its Legal, Standards and Communications Committees, as well as serving as Honorary Secretary.


RJC Certified membership with SRSPs as Provenance Claims covering all relevant materials supplied to Signet = no Signet audits (social/factory or SRSP audits).

Suppliers who are a...

        • RJC Certification Audits Conducted Once Every Three Years (Upon First Certification)
        • RJC Certification and BPP Compliance Conducted Together

Please visit the Responsible Jewellery Council's website for a full list of member benefits, membership pricing information and to download a membership application form, click here.